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Just click on the “freebies and tutorials” section in the sidebar. Happy Holidays!

Pretty Painted Plates and Cups

I just got these back from firing.  I love how they turned out!  Listing most of these tonight.



Birdie cups

I’ve been painting lots of sweet cups to put in the etsy shop. I will have lots more next week, but these three cuties are the first up.


They are so much fun.  Makes me want to donate all my mix-matched mugs and paint a whole slew of these for myself!



I need to make time to do these more often.  It makes me so happy to drink my coffee out of these cups every morning.


They are all similar, but each one is hand painted and has it’s own little personality.

painting pottery

I have been painting lots of pottery lately for fun and for gifts. I think I will list some in the etsy shop around the end of July. It’s so much fun!

I love watercolors

I’ve been enjoying making little watercolor thank you cards (I send one with every etsy order) and cards for other fun, special occasions.  when I post them on Instagram, I sometimes get emails asking me how I do them. Well, the answer is pretty simple. I am sure I don’t “do” watercolor ing the “right” way. If you would like to know how to do it the right way, there are hundreds of tutorials on Pinterest and YouTube. But here is an image showing you how I doit my way (click to enlarge):



I just sketch etch something out in pencil, go over it in ink (I like those micron art pens), lay down some basic color, then go back to add depth and detail. Pretty simple process. It’s not hard to use watercolor. In fact, it’s super easy and rewarding and fun!  If you like doodling, I think you will love playing with watercolors!  Here ar. Some other things I’ve been doing lately: im im terrible about remembering to get a kid a gift for birthday parties, so I always do one of these little cards of the kid and send it with a $20 bill. Not much fun for the kid, but the parents love having an illustration of their babe!  its sort of my thing now, and parents actually hope to get them, which is pretty cool. :)        

And a few other fun things:





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Using the good stuff.

This week, I decided to use my expensive, save-it-for-something-special, be-careful-with-it, Arches watercolor paper and Schmincke paints. I did not save it for something special. I was not careful with it. and I had so much fun!  I don’t like everything about it. And there are many flaws and color and design choices that I regret. But I just kept going anyway. Just kept playing. It was fun!

Here is how it went.

It was pointless and just what I needed! Lesson for me: Use the good stuff. Let go of the need for everything to be just right.

Shop Update!

I don’t know about you, but I am OVER winter this year!  I always am, actually.  When the holidays are done, so should winter be, in my opinion!  I’m planning my flower beds and dreaming of armloads of heavy-headed English garden roses.  They’re always on my mind.  They certainly were the day I drew this latest piece.   I printed this one out to hang up in my own home just this afternoon.  Don’t you love that quote?  Lots of folks attribute it to F. Scott Fitzgerald.  It’s from the move “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”.  However, as I researched it, it seems this line does not appear in the original story.  It seems it was added to the screenplay by Eric Roth.  Interesting, huh?  If you have any information to the contrary about it, I’d love to hear!  I had fun with the hand lettering too.


“I hope you live a life you’re proud of”.  It’s what I hope for my babies.  You too, I bet.


This print and many others are available in my etsy shop.

Another freebie! Merry Christmas to you.

How about a fun thing to do to keep the kids busy today while you’re getting the house ready for Christmas?  Here is my Christmas present to you, mama.  These paper ponies and paper dolls are fun to cut out and play with.  Make your own clothes for them too, just trace around the edge of the ones I’ve made, and then color them any way you like.  (As always, for personal use only.  Feel free to print them, give them to your kids, your kids’ friends, your kids school class, etc.  But please do not sell them or use them in art you sell.  Unless you think we can become millionaires by doing so, then let’s chat!)  I hope one of the little girls looks like a little girl you know.  Click to enlarge for printing.  Merry Christmas!








Freebie #2

Hey, how about some more freebies?  Feel free to print these out and use for your holiday gift-giving.  Again, for personal use only.  Unless you think you can make a whole lot of money with them.  In that case, let’s chat.  Merry Christmas!

(Click to enlarge)


Freebie Christmas Tags

I made these little tags and thought you might like to use them too.  Please feel free to print them and use them for your church, school, holiday party, gift-giving, paper crafting, ornament making, scrap-booking, etc.  You may use them for anything as long as you are not selling it or reselling the tags themselves, of course.  In other words, for personal use only!  haha… Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!  (Click to enlarge)



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